The state’s unemployment rate is at a record low of 3.4 %. Susan Price with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services says unemployment has declined 0.1% every month this year and May figures fell in line.

“We started off the year at a record low rate of 3.8%, so each month has broken and set a new record. Unemployment in Arkansas has actually decreased each month since March 2011,” said Susan Price with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

“The number of employed has fluctuated during that time frame, but we have seen employment gains in every month of 2017.”

The number of people employed, more than 1.3 million, was the highest since the summer of 2008.

“The most recent record high employment was set in August 2008. May 2017 was the first time we saw the number of employed exceed those levels. This month’s employment number is actually the highest number of employed the state has ever had,” added Price.

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