Gov. Doug Burgum’s first few months in office involved juggling a budget upheaval with the demands of a protest movement: Both are issues that have hounded the state before he was sworn into office.

What Burgum would really like to do is reinvent state government and enact his Main Street Initiative.

One area Burgum has been touting for months is more vibrant, livable communities through what he calls his Main Street Initiative. He’s calling for more efficient urban infrastructure to do away with sprawl while creating more lively downtown areas that will attract a modern workforce.

“We’ll put more meat on the bones moving forward,” Burgum said of developing this and other initiatives.

Another idea he’s recently floated to lawmakers is flexibility in state budgets. Rather than locking up money on any one line item in an agency budget, he would like to see flexibility to move unused funding to other line items to target various programs and initiatives.

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