Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday he already is preparing a shopping list of state regulations and state agencies he wants to kill.

Speaking at a conference of small business advocates, Ducey boasted of legislation he championed since taking office in early 2015 to eliminate restrictions as well as executive orders freezing new rules. But he said more are on the way when lawmakers convene in January.

“We want to shrink the 220 boards and commissions that exist and are standing in the way of job creation,” the governor told his audience. And Ducey said he wants accountability from agencies “that want to justify their existence just by creation of more taxes or spending in regulation.”

The governor was not ready, however, to provide specifics.

“I’m not going to give you a preview of the State of the State in September,” he said when questioned after his speech. But he insisted nothing is off limits.

“We’re going to look at any regulation that gets in the way of job creation that isn’t beneficial, doesn’t help the state protect the citizen or protect the consumer,” Ducey said.

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