Gov. Matt Bevin held a news conference Wednesday morning to announce his plan to replace Kentucky’s expanded Medicaid program.

Bevin would like to launch a program called “Helping to Engage and Achieve Long Term Health” (HEALTH). It would be a waiver application process for people wanting Medicaid coverage.

“This proposal is modeled after the very same health plan offered to Kentucky state employees including incentives to promote healthy lifestyles. This plan offers common sense strategies to help our citizens gain employment or prepare for employment through community engagement, including volunteer activities and job training programs,” said Gov. Bevin.

The governor added that his plan to overhaul Medicaid will require participants to pay monthly premiums ranging from $1 to $15. They would lose vision and dental benefits.

Gov. Bevin said if Medicaid officials don’t approve the state’s Medicaid waiver plan, there will no longer be expanded Medicaid in Kentucky. That could mean about 400,000 Kentuckians would lose their coverage. If it is approved, participants will receive the same health coverage as state employees.

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