It’s difficult to point to a state more fundamentally changed by the last Great Recession than Michigan, where unemployment peaked at 14 percent in 2009.

“In many respects, we were 50 of 50 in terms of employment. We had the highest unemployment during the last decade,” Gov. Rick Snyder says. “Now, if you look at in terms of private sector job creation, since I became governor in 2011, we’re No. 1 in the Great Lakes states, No. 1 in the nation, with nearly 500,000 private sector jobs. That’s economic opportunity.”

“The question when I became governor was, ‘Where is there a job in Michigan?’ Now the question we’re hearing is, ‘How do I get the skills to take that job that’s there?’… The challenge that we’re finding is… many of these require additional skills. These are the skilled trades, industrial automation, robotics… We need to do more work in career tech education… helping people to become career connected.”

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