A new report shows physicians are bringing thousands of jobs to the magnolia state generating billions of dollars.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports state leaders are working to find ways to keep medical students from leaving the state.

Governor Phil Bryant has played a major role in keeping medical students within the magnolia state, from building a new medical university, to working with the legislature to create incentives.

“It’s been better than we thought. If you look at for example the legal environment tort reform was huge for us as Governor Barbour help lead that effort and we could not get physicians to come to Mississippi as soon as they graduated they left, and that’s one of the top issues that we’ve been able to be very successful with,” Governor Phil Bryant said.

The data released by the Mississippi State Medical Association and the American Medical Association shows physicians have created more than 51,000 jobs in Mississippi, generating $8.2 billion for the economy.

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