The bipartisan education reform bill I signed into law last week marks a historic moment for our state and our schoolchildren. Illinois now has a more equitable funding structure that provides all children with the opportunity for quality education, regardless of their family’s income.

This historic accomplishment represents, for me, the reason why I ran for governor in the first place. Diana and I have spent decades improving education in Illinois. We believe education is the most important social responsibility we have as a community, and we have dedicated ourselves to supporting teacher training, principal development, and early childhood education.

After years of work and charitable investment, I realized that the reforms needed to improve Illinois education could not be achieved from the outside. I ran for governor to develop policies and structures that provide better education for our schoolchildren across Illinois.

Our administration came into office with an ambitious agenda for education, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. State funding of public schools has increased by over $1 billion under our administration. We have increased funding for early childhood education to its highest levels ever. Through the Every Student Succeeds Act, Illinois now has one of the most rigorous student accountability plans in the country.

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