Iowans will have their state tax bills reduced by an average of $300 annually under a tax cut bill signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds on Wednesday that could become a major campaign issue this fall.

Reynolds, a Republican who made changes in tax policy a cornerstone of her agenda for the 2018 legislative session, celebrated with about 75 people, including key GOP lawmakers, during a ceremony at MobileDemand, an eastern Iowa manufacturer of rugged tablet computers.

“I signed this bill for every Iowan who works hard to earn a paycheck and deserves to keep more of it,” Reynolds said.

She recalled that when she and her husband, Kevin, were younger, he worked days and she worked nights to make ends meet. “People might think that $50 isn’t much. Well, it is. It makes a difference. It is groceries; it is gas; it is new shoes. It matters,” she added.

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