Utah has the best state economy in the U.S., according to a report published Monday by WalletHub, a national financial research and consulting organization.

Financially, it falls between Illinois, now in its second year without a state budget, and California, whose gross domestic product is seventh-largest in the world, comparable with Brazil’s 2014 GDP of $2.2 trillion. Utah’s state government surplus ranked 27th in the country, showing that Utah isn’t the state with the most money.

But when it comes to performance and overall economic health, Utah outranks most other states in metrics such as GDP growth, the percentage of fastest-growing firms, business startup activity and jobs in high-tech industries, the report states.

It’s good news, but it comes as little surprise to many Utahns seeing the benefits of investments that were made more than a decade ago, as well as current policies that make for a business-friendly economy.

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